Air Controls

We have a complete range of air controls to engage the power take off and/or valve in your hydraulic system. These air controls suit every local safety legislation with safety features such as the P.T.O./ valve control with automatic disengagement. This control makes driving with an engaged P.T.O. impossible. The air controls are standard delivered with three hold positions. Optional are controls with a spring return on the tipping position or with a double spring return on the tipping and lowering position.

Professional electric compressors for pneumatic pto and tipping valve control on light duty trucks.

Available with 12 and 24 v dc complete with electric wiring


Dispositivo di comando pneumatico 03/2010
Kip air 03/2006

Design / Features

The standard controls are equipped with a warning light to show that the P.T.O. is engaged. Perfectly proportional lowering is possible in combination with the PT valve. A proportional lowering speed makes partially unloading very easy. 

The valve control has 3 positions:

  • tip
  • lower
  • automatic neutral locking position

The standard controls are easy to install because of the attached mounting bracket and the nylon tubes for hose connections. Detailed specification sheets are available on request. 

Multi-section control

The multi-section air control can be used when more functions need to be controlled, for instance tail lifts, multi-kaps or hookloaders. The multi-section air control always starts with the basic section 147 50 430 H, which is a double acting, double proportional section to operate (tipping) valves. The lever of the basic section is spring return to both sides up to 30° of the handle. When operator pushes to full 32° the lever can be locked in the both end positions. In the basic section 2 threaded holes M6 at 58 mm pitch are available for fitting the valve on a mounting plate. Additional up to 8 extra sections can be fitted. Following extra sections are available: 

147 50 460 H as an extra 4/3 section to operate non proportional valves with 3 positions.

147 50 455 H as an extra 3/2 section to operate non proportional valves with 2 positions.

147 50 450 H as an extra 3/2 section with pressure switch to operate non proportional valves with 2 positions. This valve can be fitted only at the end because of the pressure switch.

Kip Air Series

Air proportional cab switch with full integrated lever to control both PTO engagement and body tipping / lowering.Several versions available to meet any requirements.

Product Code

Available Versions



Without PTO control

Automatic "CE”"

Manual (with low and tip block)


Bracket (OPTIONAL)

Mounting tower for KIP-AIR: H = 50mm.


Bracket (OPTIONAL)

Mouting tower for KIP-AIR H = 80mm

Bracket for KIP-AIR mounting (OPTIONAL). With this kit you can also fit a pneumatic switch (OPTIONAL) to control other auxiliary applications.

Multi-positions bracket for KIP-AIR.

Flange and screws for fixing the switch on the dashboard (OPTIONAL).

2-ways pneumatic selector to be coupled with aur bracket P/N 100.002.60067 (optional).

Pressure signal switch assembly P/N 100.002.00032 (optional).

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